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Kosher Desserts and Baked Goods

Wholly Wholesome is proud of our kosher desserts and certified baked goods! In fact, we’ve been Kosher-certified from the beginning. Why? Because our mission is to meet the ingredients standards of the natural food consumer -- and the taste standards of everyone. Kosher is a standard for many of our families today because they choose to purchase natural foods for its clarity of ingredients, food allergy sensitivity, diabetic attributes ... And more.

Pie Shells

Pie Dough

Gluten Free Pie Shell and kosher desserts
Item #84250
Kosher Parve


Wholly Wholesome Double Chocolate Crumble Cake
Item #83370:
Kosher COR 860


Pizza Dough


Wholly Wholesome Cinnamon Crumblettes
Item #83330
Kosher COR 860
Wholly Wholesome Pumpkin Crumblettes
Item #83332
Kosher COR 860