Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

We thank all who have taken the time to write to us or call with your compliments, criticisms, and questions—your feedback is very important to us! Here we’ve collected the most frequently asked questions we have received from consumers. 

If you have a question we have not addressed here, feel free to contact us!   

Where can I purchase Wholly Wholesome products?

Our products are distributed throughout the US and Canada at many retail locations and online retailers. Some of our products are available for sale online directly from us under “Shop” as well. We encourage you to go to “Where to Buy” located in the menu bar. Here you can enter your zip code, town or state to obtain a list of stores that we know of who carry our products. We recommend calling the store before making a visit to see if the product you are looking for is in stock.  

Of course, if you know of a store—or if you own a store that carries Wholly Wholesome products and it’s not listed in our database, let us know and we will add it!

Does Wholly Wholesome offer any gluten free baked goods?

Yes, Wholly Gluten Free is a sister brand to Wholly Wholesome. Wholly Gluten Free is a whole line of Gluten Free & Allergy Friendly products. Visit the website here.

Is the Palm Oil in Wholly Wholesome products sustainably sourced? 

There’s truth to some of the palm oil horror stories about orphaned orangutans, rain forests, child labor and smoldering fires polluting the air—but that is palm oil when done wrong. It doesn’t have to be that way when done right. That is why we choose to source our palm oil through companies that work with Palm Done Right™. Palm Done Right™  Palm is certified Organic, certified Fair For Life, Non-GMO certified, Rainforest Alliance Certifed and RSPO Identity Preserved. Additionally, here is how Palm Done Right™ affects the animals, people, and environment positively.  


  • Wildlife Friendly (no harming orangutans or other animals) 
  • Deforestation-Free (preserving habitats) 


  • Fair wages, education, child protection and support for farmers, workers and their families 
  • Community directed investment in the farmer communities which can include education, health and social support 
  • Harvested year round ensuring a consistent paycheck for workers at every level 


  • Revitalization of soil, use of cover cropping, composting, and other organic practices 
  • The most efficient oil grown on the planet producing 5-10 times more oil per acre than other plant-based oils

For more information visit: www.palmdoneright.org 

Are Palm Fruit Oil and Palm Kernel Oil the same thing? What does Wholly Wholesome use?

While Palm Fruit Oil and Palm Kernel Oil are from the same plant, the oil palm tree, each is derived from a different portion of the fruit. The fleshy orange fruit portion is the source of Palm Fruit Oil (also known as Palm Fruit Shortening), while the white kernel (in the center of the palm fruit) is the source of Palm Kernel Oil. 

Physically and chemically different, Palm Fruit Oil products contain a balance of polyunsaturated, monounsaturated and saturated fatty acids and is what we choose to use in some of our products. Our palm fruit oil is never hydrogenated and thus contains no trans fats. Additionally, (non-hydrogenated) saturated fats are more stable at a molecular level making them less likely to be damaged by heat and oxygen (though the baking process) making them the safest for cooking and baking purposes. For further information on types of fats, this may be helpful.

Is Wholly Wholesome packaging sustainable?

Moving toward sustainable packaging is part of our overall company initiative. It is always a fine balance between providing the customer the best and safest experience when purchasing our products, and making sure we do our part and be as responsible as possible. It is a task we plan to continually improve upon as new packaging materials and techniques become available. Some of the steps we have taken so far:  

  • The plastic pie shell inserts are recyclable PET as opposed to styrene or other non-recyclable materials  
  • Recyclable aluminum pie tins 
  • Wholly Wholesome bake at home pies are not wrapped in plastic purposely, the only packaging is the recyclable outer box  
  • Wholly Wholesome Rolled Pie Dough comes in a recyclable cardboard box

I damaged the pie shell label and can’t read the instructions. Where can I find them?

All of our pie shell labels are pictured with their product listing here. Click on the label image to zoom/enlarge.  

Where can I find additional information about allergens? 

Our product allergens are listed (by law) after the ingredient statement right after the word “Contains:”. In an effort to be as transparent and informative as possible we choose to include our facility allergen information for most of our products in this location on the packaging as well. If you have additional questions about the product or facility, or would like to double check anything, we are happy to assist! Contact our office here and we will do our best to assist in a timely manner.