Wholly Wholesome Celebrates 25 Years

In 1978, I watched my father pioneer the concept of bringing natural foods to Northeast supermarket consumers. By the late ’80’s, I joined the business, and we were thinking about how we could merge our passion for baked and natural foods to bring better-tasting options to the natural food consumer’s table. Believing that consumers shouldn’t have to sacrifice their taste standards for their ingredient standards, in 1996, we created what is now Wholly Wholesome.

This July, Wholly Wholesome turned 25 years old and we are grateful to have had a quarter century to evolve and grow our business while serving our customers. Thank you for growing and celebrating this birthday with us, and cheers to many more! 

Doon Wintz

For our 25th Anniversary, Wholly Wholesome will donate $25,000 to causes that support Children with Special Needs. We have chosen Autism Speaks and Camp BuddEConnect as the donation recipients.

Congratulations go out to Nicole from Georgia!
Here’s her story in this video that touched us.

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